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What is a Metaverse?
The Metaverse is used to describe the concept of a future iteration of the internet, made up of persistent, shared, 3D virtual spaces linked into a perceived virtual universe.

What is Luxandia?
“Luxandia” is our commercial name to designate our Metaverse. Our company is uniquely positioned at the convergence of blockchain, gaming and popular culture, with a distinct vision for the project that leverages the company’s brand recognition, strong industry relationships, valuable IP, and growing footprint in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Luxandia / OVERVIEW

How many cities will be in Luxandia?
Luxandia aims to connect many regions into one large metaverse. Luxandia is the first metaverse that aggregates other regions in the blockchain space into one shared ecosystem. We will connect as many regions as possible: some will be developed by our company, others will be developed by third-parties. Participants will be able to travel across regions, experiencing new and different things, all while being able to bring their content and assets with them wherever relevant.

What is the Town Hall?
In Luxandia, there is a Town Hall, a central place. The Town Hall is the center of the Luxandia; acting as a starting place, a gathering place, a place of discovery, and a portal to the multitude of worlds that surround it. With its open plaza surrounded by oversized screens and kiosks, The Town Hall will play an important role in accessibility and discovery. Personalized messaging, broadcast streams, and data visualizations will introduce participants to a universe of sensory experiences. In a nutshell, from that Luxandia, you can go to different regions. One of them is The Luxury Metaverse (see below).

What will users do in Luxandia?
Users will be able to play, create, interact, socialize, collaborate, discover and build value. By emphasizing engagement, utility, and rewarding a wide variety of behaviour, the metaverse will encourage active participation. For more information, please see “User Experience” below.

Where is the ICICB Casino on the blockchain?
The ICICB Casino is being developed by the ICICB Group. It is a different region and will be connected to the Luxandia to offer players a seamless connection between the 2 metaverses.


Which engine is used in Luxandia?
Luxandia is being developed using Unreal Engine.

Which blockchain technology is used in Luxandia?
Luxandia will use ICICB Chain. If you happen to buy an NFT on an exchange that does not support ICICB, we will swap it for a ICICB-compatible NFT at no cost. What equipment or software do I need to enjoy Luxandia? The metaverse will be a browser-based experience, so you will need a computer, browser and internet access. Technical specifications for hardware will be provided at a future date.


Where are my NFTs in Luxandia?
When you have purchased an NFT, you will be able to modify the name represented in the metaverse. • For a piece of land, you will see your name on the land • The same will apply to a house, building, flat, etc There will be some privacy rules, i.e. you will be able to restrict who can enter your private place.

What can I do with a piece of land, a house or a store?
You can rent it, build on it, host events, make it private or open it to the public. You can sell it in the multiverse marketplace, and in most instances on third-party marketplaces. You can also use your store to sell your NFTs.

Who can enter buildings, flats, houses?
There will be some privacy rules, i.e. you will be able to restrict who can enter your private place.

How do I create items and games?
The Multiverse will support both native and third-party creation tools.

Can I rent space?
Yes. You can rent space from other owners using blockchain smart contracts. In addition, retail and event space will be available for rent in The Hub.

Will players be able to customize their avatars, and customize their property?
Our development team is prioritizing the development of layered and complex player properties, including personalization of avatars and attributes. These will be paired with accessible customization tools. In the same manner, the team is working to both provide first-party and to integrate third-party building tools.

How will participants converse?
Luxandia will support P2P, group text chat, voice chat, and video chat.

With an open and ever-expanding world, how will people find things?
Luxandia will feature innovative, tiered data visualizations, supported by powerful search and filter schemes, to help participants manage the volume of information, and variety of destinations.

How will individuals and organizations promote their activity?
We believe the ability to broadcast — to communicate with players that you don’t already know — is a critical success factor. As such we are going to build in a variety of communications mechanisms, including native information feeds, kiosks, and advertising platforms that can operate both in a one-to-many, but also in a personalized manner. The Town Hall, with its open plaza surrounded by oversized screens, will play an important role in message delivery and discoverability.


How will Luxandia economy function?
Luxandia will have a tiered economy, with primary & secondary marketplaces, third-party market integration, and microtransactions to increase adoption. The economy will also reward participation, similar to a loyalty or rewards program, and allow individuals and organizations to take part in that reward loop.

Which NFTs are available in Luxandia?
We believe the future of NFTs are in part tied to enhanced utility, and Luxandia will be a platform for innovation in NFT utility. In addition, all tradable objects will operate on a blockchain ledger ensuring uniqueness and traceable ownership. We will initially offer land, buildings, flats, different types of houses. More categories will be added at a later stage. Please note that some assets will not be on the blockchain, but only in the Unreal engine. These are smaller assets (chairs, tables, posters, trees, benches, fences, etc…) that players will use to decorate their land, houses, flats, etc.. There are a number of ways that participants can build value in Luxandia, starting with buying, selling and renting land they own. Participants can also utilize native farming, crafting, personalization and building tools to create assets that can be traded and monetized. There will even be opportunities for participants to monetize their actions within the multiverse by sharing their anonymized behaviour data with third parties. If you happen to buy an NFT on an exchange that does not support ICICB, we will swap it for a ICICB-compatible NFT at no cost.

How many NFTs are there in Luxandia?
Each region, piece of land and building is different. For each of these items, the number of NFTs available is clearly mentioned as part of the minting process. Please check them out.

How many parcels of land in Luxandia?
The metaverse will have different regions. Each of these regions will have a specific and limited number of lands, depending on the gameplay and on the proposed experience. The number of regions in the metaverse will be limitless, and it will be expanded in controlled phases. Before buying land in a given region, please make sure to verify the number of land plots it contains.

How do I purchase land in the metaverse?
Land sales will start with private and pre-sales. If you are interested in being an early purchaser in the metaverse and want to acquire land, please register now. After the private sale, then the pre-sale window will be opened with a series of sale events. After the launch of Luxandia, all original land sales will take place in the Luxandia marketplace or in third-party marketplaces. For each of these items, the number of NFTs available is clearly mentioned as part of the minting process. Please check them out.Crypto-currencies and soft currencies in Luxandia Crypto-currencies will be used for governance, and to buy NFTs. A soft currency will also be used to purchase minor assets (chairs, tables, decorations, etc…).

Will I need a cryptocurrency wallet to participate?
Yes. You will need a wallet to participate in the Luxandia. Wallet creation will be part of the onboarding process for new users. Your wallet is your account. Having said this, you will be able to enjoy some of the games and of the experiences without spending any currency. We plan to offer a guest feature in the near future, ie to enable you to access to join Luxandia without a cryptocurrency wallet.

Which crypto-currencies are used in the Luxandia?
Our goal is to offer maximum flexibility to the players. Luxandia is using ICICB Chain. In The Town Hall, we will allow for the use of TLX, ICICB, BEEZ as well as other crypto-currencies, including Lusso for governance and for transactions (See Governance). TLX is the main token for Luxandia, You will need the TLX Token to have access to certain experiences in The Town Hall and in the ICICB Casino. In any other given regions, the situation will depend. If the region is operated by a third-party and they already have a crypto-currency, we will allow for the use of that crypto-currency in that specific region. We will not always be able to negotiate the use of TLX, ICICB Beez, LUSSO or other crypto-currency in their worlds.

Will governance of the Luxandia be centralized, or decentralized?
We believe in a decentralized, player-driven metaverse. In the initial phases of development, the Luxandia will start as a more centralized environment and governance will expand and evolve over time. In order to establish proper governance, we have a specific token on ICICB (Lusso – LSO). LSO can also be used for transactions.

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