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Luxandia is a virtual reality metaverse that reinvents and generalizes the way social experiences and various virtual creations are built, to let them all coexist
in one shared space.

Winners of The Disruptor of the Year presented by Entrepreneur Magazine

Q3 2021
Market Research
R&D Feasibility Study
Setting Up legal entity
Validating the business model
Core Team formation
Marketing Strategy
3- and 5-Year’s vision
Initial talks with investors
Website V1.0
Pre-launch event
Securing strategic partners & Advisors
$10 Million seed funding from ICICB Group
Luxandia registration as a protected trademark
Q4 2021
Added Frequently Asked Questions
Made public the integration with ICICB Casino
Data Snapshot TLX Holders
Opening Whitelist
Distribute LUSSO (LSO)
Pre-Launch Marketing Campaign
Flash Sale
Public Sale
Post Launch Marketing Campaign
Expand Core Team
Release Luxandia NFT Signature
LUSSO added to major rating platforms
Q1 2022
Website V1.1
Game studio/developer partnership
Expanding team
Onboard Investors
Release the first phase of Luxandia
Unveil Luxandia Town Hall
First Offline Teleport Chamber (Dubai)
Luxandia Mobile App V1.0
Luxandia Town Hall get Access to ICICB Casino
Release the 5-year plan to scale to 50M users
Implementation of FIAT to Lusso onramp
Implement Online NFT Teleport Bridge
Cross Chain Bridge: Fantom, Solana, ICICB, Ethereum, Polygon
Auction Hall
Luxandia Future Car Show First Edition
Q2 2022
Release of Luxandia Digital Identity Avatar
Release of Luxandia Creators Fund
Luxandia Explorer
Reward Sharing Model Release
Voting and Governance Features
Partners app implementation
Luxandia Event Hall Completion
Luxandia Shopping Mall completion
Luxandia Sport Arena
Adding More Maps
Q3 2022
Introducing LGD (Luxandia Generating Districts)
Luxandia Developers Event
Integrating Luxandia Concierge Assistant
Luxandia Content Search Engine
Assets Exchange by Voice Command
Establishing Luxandia Commercial Free Zone
Smart Home Controllers Integration
Virtual Calendar with Memories and Reminders
Access to the game Marketplace from Luxandia Town Hall
Introducing Augmenting Reality
Launch of LPojector Device
Luxandia Fashion Show in The Catwalk

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